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Airline Preparation Course

The Airline Preparation Course is designed for students studying for the New Zealand Diploma in Aviation, and fulfils the requirements of NZQA Unit Standard 27259, “Demonstrate knowledge and readiness for airline multi-crew flying operations”. The course is run over 4 weeks, and includes at least six 4-hour simulator sessions in the A320 simulator. It is ideal for students who may later want to transition to the A320 family of jet aircraft.

Multi-Crew Cooperation Course

The Multi-Crew Cooperation Course is designed around the EASA MCC rating, which is required before a pilot can fly transport category aircraft with an EASA licence. This course is mainly designed for EASA-licensed pilots, but will benefit anyone who wants to fly multi-crew aircraft. The course is much shorter than the Airline preparation Course at 2 weeks, but still includes at least 5 simulator sessions in the A320 simulator.

A320 systems training

Our fixed-base A320 simulator is approved under EASA regulations for the first 20 hours of type rating training. Whether or not you have an EASA licence, we can offer systems training that allows to become familiar with A320 operations. This includes:

– Full A320 ground school (CBT)
– Systems design and operation (simulator)
– Normal and Non Normal procedures
– MCDU operation and programming ( Airbus FMC)
– Complete simulated flights, from start up to shutdown

This course is also useful for those planning on doing a complete Type rating on the A320 family.

A320 Type Ratings

Once our Level D full flight simulator is operational, we will be offering complete EASA A320 type ratings.

Interview preparation

A large part of getting that airline job is doing well in the interview and simulator check. We can help you with interview technique, CV and cover letter preparation, and the simulator check (in our A320 simulator).


Sometimes, it’s just fun to fly! We can offer basic flight packages for those with no flying experience, or some seriously challenging flights for those with more experience, including poor weather, IFR approaches to minimums, non-normal and emergency events, and short, high-intensity IFR flights. Or you can specify what you want – just let us know what you would like to do.

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About us

Simavia grew out of the experiences of twenty years in the airline business. Recognising the need for new and innovative training packages, we set about designing specific training modules to meet the challenges of the modern airline training environment. In particular, we have addressed the requirement for Jet Orientation, which significantly reduces training loads when undergoing initial type training; and Aviation English, which prepares pilots, who do not have English as their first language, for the challenging Air Traffic Control environment where English is normally the primary language.

All our aviation courses are taught by pilots with an airline check and training background, and our Aviation English courses are taught by qualified ESL (English as a Second Language) instructors.

We are based in Auckland, New Zealand. The area has good beaches, a fantastic harbour, and a host of leisure activities, with mountains and lakes only a few hours away. See our FAQ for more information on local facilities.

Our mission is to help pilots aiming for an airline career to realise their dream, by preparing them for the difficult task of learning to operate a modern airliner – much more than just handling the simulator.

We can also be of great help to airlines, by preparing their new hires and minimising training risk. With our help, sim instructors can be released to concentrate on the flying sytllabus without having to teach CRM, panel familiarisation and other general procedures, thus saving money and time.

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Non Type-Specific Training

Airline Preparation Course

  • 4 weeks
  • 6 four hour simulator sessions in the A320 simulator
  • Tablet provided for course resource material
  • Classroom segment runs from 0900-1530
  • Simulator sessions are four hours each and run from 0600-2200
  • Pre-course study materials provided
  • Accommodation assistance available


Multi-Crew Cooperation Course

  • 2 weeks
  • 5 four hour simulator sessions in the A320 simulator
  • Tablet provided for course resource material
  • Classroom segment runs from 0900-1530
  • Simulator sessions are four hours each and run from 0600-2200
  • Pre-course study materials provided
  • Accommodation assistance available

Type Specific Training

Airbus A320 Type Rating

  • 4 weeks (can vary depending on simulator availability and progress)
  • Comprehensive CBT ground school
  • 10 4 hour simulator sessions, plus check
  • Tablet containing course materials provided for the duration of the course
  • Accommodation assistance

Airbus A320 Type Training

  • 2 weeks
  • Abridged CBT ground school (systems and procedures)
  • 5 four hour simulator sessions
  • Tablet containing course materials provided for the duration of the course
  • Accommodation assistance

Interview Preparation

We can prepare you for your next job interview.

  • CV and cover letter writing
  • Preparation for airline simulator checks
  • Interview technique
  • Social media techniques


We can offer the following fun options:

  • Simulator experiences for non-qualified pilots
  • General handling exercises for inexperienced pilots
  • Bad weather exercises for intermediate IFR pilots
  • Short, intense IFR exercises for intermediate IFR pilots
  • IFR currency for experienced IFR pilots

Every session is tailored to the requirements and experience level of the client.


Details of our new, purpose built simulator centre will be released shortly. Watch this space!

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What our students say

Simon Wright was my instructor during an Airline Preparation Theory/Simulator course I embarked on. His vast experience in the airline industry as a pilot and trainer made the short time I spent under his instruction extremely valuable, and, due to his delivery and personable well-rounded style, also very enjoyable.

As well as putting together a fantastic course that had a direct effect on me subsequently attaining employment as an airline pilot, Simon has availed himself on many occasions since to address questions I have had regarding professional piloting.

Al Dumbleton First Officer, Mount Cook Airlines

I highly recommend the instructors at Simavia.

I found them to be very experienced and knowledgeable, not only in flying but also in the aviation industry as a whole, what was and is going on, and how to be a step ahead if you want to work for the airlines.
I learned how to fly the B737 and pass my Airline Preparation Course, and I had a great time completing my course while learning from the best in the industry.

Tanja De Wit

I had Simon Wright as my instructor for an Airline Integration Course in March 2016 and it was an awesome course. Simon is not only very experienced in the airline and aviation industry but he is also an awesome teacher with a great personality that makes the course enjoyable and therefore incredibly helpful. I would highly recommend Simon.

Yves Zelles

I first met Simon in around 1998 whilst working for Jersey European Airways (later to become Flybe) as we were both senior captains on the BAe 146 flying all over Europe on short haul, low-cost passenger flying. Simons demeanour of humour, straight talking and clear-headedness was obvious to anyone in our regional airline and made him unique as both an effective manager and a line pilot.

Capt. John Hoyte Chairman, Aerotoxic Association


We are looking for investors who want to be a part of our growing organisation. If you have an interest in aviation and would like to participate, we'd like to hear from you. In return, we can offer excellent ROIs and even some simulator training! If that interests you, get in touch for further information.

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